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Lease Renewals

aDPM's policy for lease renewals is below. If you would like to be

considered for a lease renewal, click on the APPLY link below.

Lease Renewal Policy

All existing aDPM tenants must make application at tenant's cost if they want to be considered for a new tenancy. All tenants and adult occupants must make application. 

The application for a new lease term will consider the following:

  • tenant rental history during your lease term with aDPM

  • rent payment history with aDPM

  • changes in tenant's circumstances, including but not limited to income, criminal charges, civil liabilities, employment, number of occupants or co-tenants

  • changes in the rental market 

The purpose of our requiring existing tenants to make application for a new lease term is to ensure that the tenant remains qualified to rent the property under our current resident selection criteria.

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