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Why Choose aDPM?



Our staff has the experience necessary to properly manage your property, to be efficient in our services, and to make decisions with the proper outcome in mind. We put that experience in action everyday to work for you.

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Return of Investment

aDoor companies intimately knowledgable and experienced in understanding and maximizing investors' return of investment. One of the main purposes of our systems and operations is to ensure investors maximize their return on investment.


We have time-tested and experienced-driven systems of operations for every step of property management operations. Our systems keep our staff on the right track and keep your property in its best value.

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Maintenance Program

We not only handle much of the maintenance tasks through our maintenance staff, but we also have a maintenance program for both tenants and owners to best protect your property.

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Professionalism is important in the property management business. We set high standards of operation for our staff, implement services by experts, and incorporate documents prepared by our landlord-tenant attorney and broker.

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Legal Knowledge

Our Broker is a landlord-tenant attorney and has almost 20 years of landlord-tenant legal experience. This knowledge is incorporated into our systems of operation and day-to-day decision making.

Owner Online Portal

Owners can login to their online portal account by clicking below. Access and use your account 24/7, communicate with us, upload and download documents, review your property status, and more.

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