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Pet Profile & Request for Service Animal

Pet Application

If you want to request that your pet be permitted to stay in the premises during your tenancy, follow the instructions immediately below.

Step 1: Pet Profile

Create your Pet or Service Animal Profile here. By applying for a pet or service animal, you agree to our terms and conditions

Typing Together

Step 2:
Review of Application

We will review your pet application to determine if we will permit your pet to be on the premises. Some insurance companies prohibit certain breeds on the property, and we reserve the right to personally inspect the animal.

Step 3:
Pet Payments

If your pet application is approved, you will be charged a $200 pet fee plus $25/month in addition rent per pet. We may require an additional security deposit. If we accepted a reasonable accommodation request, no pet fees or rent are applicable. 

Service Animal Application

If you want to request a reasonable accommodation under Fair Housing law to have a service animal in the premises, follow our below application.

Service / Support Animal

To apply for a reasonable accommodation under Fair Housing laws for a service or support animal during your tenancy, follow these steps:

STEP 1: Create a Service/Support Animal Profile here. There is no cost to this.

STEP 2: Complete our request for Application for Service Animal and email to us.

STEP 3: For persons whose disability is not readily apparent, complete our Verification Letter Form for Reasonable Accommodation and email to us.

STEP 4: We will review your profile and application and respond accordingly in a timely manner.

NOTE: If we approve your request for an animal under Fair Housing, we do not charge pet fees or rent.

Best Friends
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