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Once you book a showing, complete the application below.


Upload a picture of your driver license (front and back)
Upload a picture of your face so we can match identity.

I, the showing applicant, do hereby agree to these terms and conditions. I affirmatively state and certify as follows:

  1. Qualifications. I have no judgments, convictions or deferred adjudication or sentences for crimes involving: violence against a person, willful damage to property, felony drug crime. unlawful use of weapons. any felonies within the past seven (7) years; any misdemeanors within the past three (3) years; any sexual offenses, or Risk Protection Order or restraining order against violence. I will not allow any person who does not so qualify to enter the property.

  2. Income. My monthly income is at least 3 times the monthly rent of this property.

  3. Confidentiality. I agree that I will keep any access code(s) confidential and not allow any other person to have knowledge or possession of it. 

  4. Showing Timeframe. Once aDoor Property Management, LLC (aDPM) provides me with an access code or key, I agree that I must leave the property no later than 3 hours from the time that aDPM provides me with an access code. 

  5. Showing Limit. I agree that my access the property is limited to no longer than 30 minutes from the time of my entry (“entry” means the time that I have entered the property line on which the home is located).

  6. Confirm Leaving. I agree that when I leave the property, I will immediately contact aDPM at (850) 900-1138 confirming that I have left the property. 

  7. Locks. I agree that when I leave the property, I will lock all exterior doors.

  8. Thermostat. I agree not to adjust any thermostat settings. 

  9. Appliances. I agree not to turn on any appliances. 

  10. Minors. I agree that if a minor or dependent accompanies me during the showing, I will supervise those persons and ensure that they do not damage or misuse the property. 

  11. Reservation of Rights. I agree that my access to the property is subject to revocation at any time.

By submitting my request, I agree to all terms and conditions. 

Thank you! We will be in contact with you shortly.

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