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Security Deposit Alternative Program

aDoor Property Management, LLC offers its tenants a Security Deposit Alternative Program so that the tenant, upon qualifying, does not have to pay a security deposit, but instead pays only 1.3% of the security deposit amount during the tenancy. Apply below. Read below for more details.

Qira Support

Need support regarding your security deposit alternative program? 



Applicants can reach Qira 7 days a week. Qira does its best to address any inquiry on the same business day, and usually within minutes/hours. They work with applicants directly on any question relating to their Qira applications and Qira payments, Contact Qira at if you need assistance or have questions. 

Phone Operator


If you need to speak with someone at Qira on the phone, you can dial in directly and reach Qira at (347) 380 7672 Monday - Friday during business hours. 

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