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We prepare a market analysis of your property for rent value and list on MLS and associated marketing resources to maximize market exposure. We account for both rental value and efficiency in renting your property. We use our Property Condition Standards to keep properties in top condition for renting.


We perform routine inspections and require tenants to provide us with pictures of the property for additional monitoring of the property. We look to ensure the proper care of your property and lease compliance. If additional inspections are needed, we take the opportunity to note other problems or issues that need to be addressed.

Lease Enforcement & Review

Our broker is a landlord-tenant attorney who has vast experience in property management issues and lease enforcement. Our staff are trained to identify and handle lease enforcement issues. We deliver notices and demands to tenants if they become non-compliance with their obligations. We conduct lease reviews of the tenancy to determine what tenants should be offered renewal or termination notices.


We track income and expenses on your property and provide you with reporting of the same each month, and we disburse owner proceeds each month, as well as make payments to vendors that service your property each month. At the end of the year, we provide you with a IRS 1099 form for your tax purposes. 

Legal Advice

Our real estate broker is a landlord-tenant specialist attorney and has aided and represented many property management companies, investors, and landlords since 2007. He provides us with legal advice concerning landlord-tenant legal issues that arise in your property.


We screen and process tenant applications and select applicants based on professional selection criteria and criminal and civil background check. We use a lease agreement and addenda prepared by a landlord-tenant specialist attorney (who is also our broker) when leasing your property, and handle the entire leasing process.


We know the importance of reliable and timely maintenance. Led by an experienced construction contractor and licensed real estate associate, our tenants and owners are in good hands. We have a 24/7 maintenance call line and daily maintenance processing, tenants and owners are in great hands.  If vendors are needed, we have a network of qualified and trusted vendors to work on your property. 

Security Deposit Claims

We inspect your property at the end of the tenancy and determine tenant obligations for the maintenance of your property. We provide you with a detailed report of your property conditions and make security deposit claims necessary to help reduce your liability for tenant obligations.


We handle all communications with the tenants concerning your property through our property management software and other normal means of communication to ensure that issues and problems are handled timely and properly. We also communicate with you to keep you informed as to the condition and status of your property.

Management Software 

We use modern management software to help manage your property, including payments, communications, repairs, documents, work orders, and more. You will be able to create your own account and access important information about your property.

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