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Showing Request

If you would like a showing for one of our rental properties, request a showing through  RENTLY.

By scheduling or requesting a showing, you agree to our Terms and Conditions.

Concrete Wall


You must comply with our showing instructions and Terms and Conditions below to have the privilege of a property showing.

  1. All adult applicants at the showing must complete a showing request through RENTLY.

  2. You must complete and provide the information required by RENTLY and follow its instructions. 

  3. You must meet our minimum showing criteria for the privilege of a property showing:

    • Your gross income must equal at least 3 times the listed rent ​​rate.

    • You must not have any convictions or restraining orders against you involving forcible offenses, sex offenses, orders involving restrain against violence, felony drug offenses, or intentional property damage.

    • Your credit score must be "fair" or better.

  4. Once you have arrived at the property, the showing must be completed within 30 minutes.

  5. You agree that when you leave the property, you will close all exterior doors and lock them. 

  6. You agree not to adjust any thermostat settings. 

  7. You agree not to turn on any appliances. 

  8. You agree that you will not cause any damage to the property.

  9. You agree that if a minor or dependent accompany you during the showing, you will supervise those persons and ensure that they do not damage or misuse the property. 

  10. You agree that your access to the property is subject to revocation at any time.

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