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aDPM knows the importance of quality control inspections, preventative maintenance, timely maintenance, and customer service. To achieve these goals, aDPM has a Tenant Service Program (TSP) for every long-term residential property it manages. Learn more below.

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Tenant Online Portal

Enjoy the benefits of our online tenant portal where you can pay rent, submit and track maintenance request, view financial records, and more.

Tenant Services Program

24/7 Maintenance Line

Utility Concierge

Move-Out Fee Waiver

Tenant Online Portal



1x Late Fee Waiver

Pest Control

Credit Reporting

Smart Lock Portal

  • Quality Control Inspections. We will perform quality control inspections each year. We have a checklist of items that we inspect to help prevent problems and resolve them before they occur and to provide the tenant with a better experience during their tenancy.

  • Tenant Online Portal. Tenant will receive an online portal account to do a number of things that benefit the tenant during the tenancy, including paying rent, submitting maintenance requests, tracking maintenance progress, communicating with us, uploading and downloading tenancy documents, view and downloading financial statements, and more. 

  • Smart Lock Portal and Mobile App. Tenant is provided with a tenant online portal with the ability to remotely lock and unlock door and gain and lock access through a unique code. The smart lock provides more security to the property as well. Tenant also has the option to add a “smart thermostat” that enables Tenant to control the thermostat remotely and create custom settings on thermostat, which can help to save Tenant money on energy costs. If Tenant wants to add this service, Tenant must request the same through Landlord, and Landlord will provide the details of service.

  • Pest Control. We will coordinate and provide routine pest control during the tenancy.

  • Utility Concierge. We hire the services of Citizens Home Solution (CHS) to assist tenants in setting up utilities and amenities, such as water, power, trash, internet/cable, security, and more. Contact CHS or answer their attempts to contact you to set up utilities. See CHS instructional video

  • Waiver of Move-Out Administration Fee. If Tenant has no lease violations during the tenancy and pays all rent timely during the tenancy, aDPM will waive the Move-Out Administration Fee at the end of tenancy.

  • One-Time Late Fee Waiver. If Tenant is late on rent on a given month during the tenancy, Landlord will waive the late fees accrued up to 10 days past due. 

  • 24/7 Maintenance Call Line. We provide you with a 24/7 Maintenance Call Line, (833) 456-0339. This number is great for emergency situations that occur after-hours and on the weekend. And you can report your normal maintenance requests through your tenant online portal account.

  • Tenant Credit Reporting. You receive the benefit of building your credit score when you make your rent payments on time, through our relationship with a vendor service that receives notice of your timely payment and reports your timely rent payment to the major credit reporting bureaus. 

  • Repair and Maintenance. We provide Tenant with up to 6 hours of repair and maintenance services during a year lease term, which are tenant-obligations under the lease agreement terms and conditions. Unused maintenance hours rollover to the next tenancy term to provide the tenant with more maintenance hours for the next lease term, or if you are moving out, one-half of hours will be applied towards  tenant-obligated repairs or maintenance.

*terms and conditions apply. Subject to availability.

Service features may vary.

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