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About aDoor Property Management

aDoor Property Management, LLC, like our sister companies (aDoor Real Estate, aDoor Properties and aDoor Development) provides expertise in property management. aDPM specializes in long term residential property management in Pensacola, FL and surrounding areas. 


aDPM's excellent service is driven by our experienced professionals in property management and landlord-tenant law, our ability to execute on the host of property management tasks, and our attention to the details that make up the entire process of property management. From marketing, tenant application, leasing, lease enforcement, inspections, maintenance, communication, tenancy review and determination, and security deposit claims, we do it all competently and with high professionalism.

aDPM understands that rental property is a big investment, and we desire to maximize your return on investment and protect you from liability risks. We believe that communication is key to a good relationship with owners and tenants, and we strive to exceed in this arena. We know that property management requires an extensive understanding of management issues and process and landlord-tenant law and procedure, and we put the right people in our company to carry out that knowledge to protect and benefit your investment. 


Meet the Broker

Tim Baldwin, Esq.

Tim Baldwin is a Pensacola native and broker of aDoor Property Management, LLC (aDPM). Tim is a leading expert in landlord-tenant law and property management operations and is a licensed attorney, real estate broker, and public adjuster. In 2004, Tim started his career as a prosecutor at the State Attorney's Office and in 2006 started his own law practice. Starting in 2007, Tim began specializing in landlord-tenant law as he saw a great need of professional legal services in property management. Since then, Tim has represented property management companies, landlords, and investors in Florida. Tim has vast litigation experience as well, having handled scores of jury trials and hundreds of evictions. Tim has been hired by attorneys as an expert witness in property management litigation and sought after by real estate professionals across Florida to assist in their property management businesses. In 2017, Tim obtained his sales associate license and in 2021 his real estate broker license. Seeing what an asset Tim can be our company, aDPM brought Tim onboard as our lead broker, knowing that with his leadership and expertise, aDPM will provide the best services possible to all our clients. 

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