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Tenant Benefits

aDPM offers several benefits to tenants during their tenancy. Our goal is to provide tenants with a positive and convenient experience. Below are just a few of the benefit features you get with aDPM. 

Moving House

Tenant Services Program

Service Bell

For a low monthly fee, Tenants receive a list of benefits, including smart locks (with user app), pest control services, utility setup; tenant online portal, and 24/7 maintenance emergency phone line.

Lawn Maintenance Program

Image by Petar Tonchev

You may op into our Lawn Maintenance Program, where we will provide certain lawn services during your tenancy. This removes your obligation to cut the grass and edge the walkway and driveway during the tenancy.

Online Portal

Image by Samantha Borges

You get an online portal account, whereby you can report maintenance issues, communicate with us, deliver and receive documents, pay your rent, and see payment history during your tenancy. This is not only convenient, but also helps us to respond to any issues or problems.

Security Deposit Alternative

Image by Kostiantyn Li

We provide tenants with our Security Deposit Alternative Program, which allows the tenant not to pay a security deposit upon their application and approval into the program. 

Tenant Liability Insurance 

Insurance Agent

You have the option to select our Tenant Liability Insurance program at a low monthly fee. The insurance will cover certain perils that could occur during your tenancy and satisfies your obligation to provide us with proof of tenant liability insurance during your tenancy.

Maintenance Team


We have a 24/7 maintenance line and a maintenance team prepared and ready to handle most of the repair and maintenance needs that could occur during your tenancy. Having our own maintenance team is a tremendous benefit to you, since we don't have to wait for vendors to respond to our request and perform the needed service.

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